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Spotting is different from persistent bleeding, and any woman with persistent, heavy, or prolonged bleeding should make an appointment to get it checked out. Vaginal bleeding thats unrelated to your period might signal a problem. Learn about possible causes and when you should see a doctor. Female genital itchiness occurs with conditions that affect the vagina, vulva or both. Its only human to scratch an itch, particularly if the itchiness is intense or persistent. Therefore, spotting associated with genital itchiness is often due to minor bleeding caused by scratching.   spotting is defined as light vaginal bleeding that happens outside of your regular periods.   bleeding between periods isnt a normal part of the menstrual cycle. Normal vaginal bleeding, also known as your period, can happen for a few days to a week.   spotting can be the result of an injury to the vagina, an underlying health condition, or either a natural or medically-induced hormonal shift. Abnormal vaginal bleeding is a flow of blood from the vagina that occurs either at the wrong time during the month or in inappropriate amounts. In order to determine whether bleeding is abnormal, and its cause, the doctor must consider three questions. Side effects of the iud include spotting, infection, infertility, pelvic inflammatory. Spotting can also be caused by conditions unrelated to pregnancy. A vaginal infection (such as a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis ) or a sexually transmitted infection (such as trichomoniasis , gonorrhea , chlamydia , or herpes ) can cause your cervix to become irritated or inflamed and vulnerable to bleeding. Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is any discharge of blood from the vagina. It can happen anytime from conception (when the egg is fertilized) to the end of pregnancy. Light bleeding, or spotting, during pregnancy is common, especially during the first trimester. Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina that can result in discharge, itching and pain. The cause is usually a change in the normal balance of vaginal bacteria or an infection. Reduced estrogen levels after menopause and some skin disorders can also cause vaginitis.

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