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  i actually snapped my leg with the balloon and hurt myself lolll its kinda cool looking now i guess? Haha anyways, hit that like button, and remember to sub. It really hurts when a balloon pops under your bum, can you tell as we scream threw this challenge. Is the balloon fully inflated? Overinflated? Is it strong and good quality, or is it cheap and weak? You may guess the answer if the balloon is a poor one blown too big. If you sit down on a good quality balloon, fully inflated, you.   to pop a balloon with your body, hold the balloon securely in your hand, then apply pressure to the sides of the balloon with your hands, feet, or any other part of your body. You can jump or stomp on the balloon if you like, but be careful not to trip or fall.   a balloon nestles against your body and the latex feels warm and soft. The pressure builds and it gets so hard, before it pops, of course. Therefore, the pressure must increase and, when it is too high, the balloon cannot hold it anymore and pops. It holds if the temperature of an ideal gas remains constant. When the temperature changes as well, the following two ideal gas laws are involved. Too rainy to play football outside? Move the game indoors with this fun balloon game! How to play it before the party, blow up a few football balloons and cut out pieces of cardboard for guests to sit on. During the game, players sit on the cardboard and scoot around the room, trying to get the balloon into the.   (i love getting excited after inflating many big balloons and accidentally pumping a balloon to the point of bursting past over inflation). I generally like to have both over and underinflated balloons around when i am having a sit pop session because some will last for a long time while others only a brief time spent bouncing them to their limits. Double up the balloon game fun by having your guests guess the number of balloons you have before you start popping them. Making the game kid-friendly battle of the balloons can easily be modified for kids of all ages and is a great addition to party games for children.   the balloon blew up in eatch end and the middle of the balloon where i sat was almost deflated. It gave me a good balance and kept my upper body free of the water. It was realy comfortable to sit on the balloon in the water and i will definitely do it again.

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