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  those who have studied the writings of ellen white know that she said some things about the physical consequences of solitary vice, a term that many take to be a euphemism for masturbation, which the majority of medical specialists today do not confirm. In an appeal to mothers, one of her early publications, she attributes a number of maladies to its practice.   james springer white, of the somewhat liberal seventh day adventist movement was an unlikely hero of anti-masturbation. White, one of the founders of the seventh-day adventist church, in the mid-19th century said she had spiritual visions from god that gave her guidance on the christian life. She warned against overly-stimulating foods, sex, and masturbation, which she referred to as solitary vice. She warned her followers of her visions of disfigured humans and the consequences of masturbation not. The seventh-day adventist church is a christian denomination which, as its name suggests, is best-known for its teaching that saturday, the seventh day of the week, is the sabbath. The denomination, which was officially established in 1863, grew out of the millerite movement in the united states during the middle part of the 19th century. Researchers found that on average, those who masturbated had no higher incidence of disease, eye-sight problems, or insanity than the general population. Even among seventh-day adventist physicians, there is now a near universal belief that masturbation does not cause the above illnesses.   james springer white, of the somewhat liberal seventh day adventist movement was an unlikely hero of anti-masturbation. White, also known as elder white, was a prolific author who penned such tomes as word to the little flock, the sounding of the seven trumpets of revelation 8 & 9, and wrote sign of the times, 133 years before non-normal, sexual predator prince took false credit for it. The seventh-day adventist church is a protestant christian denomination which is distinguished by its observance of saturday, the seventh day of the week in christian and jewish calendars, as the sabbath, and its emphasis on the imminent second coming (advent) of jesus christ. The denomination grew out of the millerite movement in the united states during the mid-19th century and it was. Seventh-day baptist, and she finally was successful in convincing advent- ists of the importance of observing the sabbath on the seventh day rather. Official stance against movies, most sdas watch movies regularly in the-. (any masturbation for con- servative members), pornography, and obsessions about sexual activities.   join seventh-day adventist communication professionals from all around for training, networking, and spiritual renewal. Baptism - baptism requires repentance and a confession of faith in jesus christ as lord and savior. It symbolizes forgiveness of sins and reception of the holy spirit. Bible - adventists see scripture as divinely inspired by the holy spirit, the infallible revelation of gods will.

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