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  in the hopes to one day have our own reality show, we have begun preparing our home movies for either a.   when i was 10, my older half brother was visiting my family over the holidays. He slept in my bedroom and i slept with my older sister in her room. It was a sunday morning when i saw a penis for the first time.   i had never seen a penis in real life so when we first started messing around i didnt think too much of the fact that he was at least 10 inches long when hard and that my hand couldnt fit.   quite a few people had seen it before me, and lots of people have seen it since. Is there a right way to ask your mom not to look at your husbands penis. No hole between the asshole and penis? Being a girl i know theres only a small space between my vagina and asshole, but for a guy its just his asshole then is smooth all the way down to his penis its weird i always look for another hole but theres never going to be one.   anonymous wrotei had a drunken one night stand after a huge argument with my husband and the guy had a massive dick that was about 9 inches long and pretty thick. I had never seen a cock that huge before and i actually gasped in surprise as i saw him pull his boxers down and saw his thick meat hanging down between his thighs. I had just gotten out of the shower and she walked in to my room. I had just gotten out of the shower and she walked in to my room. She was always rather attractive at 16, and when i saw her i got an erection and cummed all over her. Like snowflakes, fingerprints, and beyoncés hairstyles, no two penises are exactly alikeexcept maybe ones belonging to identical twins. I was 16 and interning at a local hospital that shift put me at an icu. I was helping the nurses with defrosting the blood packs or tearing the rolls of cotton pads (they needed to be separated before nurses could use them for blood tests and sho.).

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