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  actually there is no scientific proof that chewing ice is the sign of sexual frustration. But as experts say it indicates a more serious problem called anemia. If youre a compulsive ice chewer then it may be possible that your body is deficient in iron. No idea how it came about, but since there are no other definitions i figured id toss it in because there are no definitions for it. A term coined by terrson to represent a form of jenga where one removes an article of. Its an old wives tale that ice chewing is the result of sexual frustration, but that sort of compulsive behavior is not uncommon. Youve probably heard the old saying that chewing ice means youre sexually frustrated. If youre not into ice like that, you could also use it to lose weight questionable or just say fuck it and remind anyone who likes ice that chewing it is also a sign of sexual frustration and then wander off before they tell you its a myth. At least one study indicates that ice chewing might increase alertness in people with iron deficiency anemia. Less commonly, other nutritional problems may cause you to crave and chew ice. And in some individuals, pica is a sign of emotional problems, such as stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder or a developmental disorder.   when a femalemale in a long term relationship is not getting their desires fulfilled by enough or any sexual activitysex. When a femalemale in a long term relationship is not getting their desires fulfilled by enough or any sexual activitysex. Signs of the sexually frustrated are said to include chewing ice, eating chocolate and peeling.   so a while back i heard a radio show host say that eating ice meant you had sexual frustration. My mom loves to eat ice so i always thought it was funny but never mentioned anything. Anyways, i had a friend who i told this to call me today and wanted me to clarify where i found this information but i cant find anything linking eating ice.   does chewing ice mean you are sexually frustrated? I have a bad habit of chewing all the ice after i finish my drinks. This doesn&39t bother my teeth and they are perfectly fine but i&39ve heard this from several people that the reason for chewing ice is sexual frustration.   all chewing on ice means is that you are breaking down the enamel on your teeth - it has nothing to do with sexual frustration which does not exist - its just a term made by men to make women feel bad for the men.

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