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The red fox is physically dominant to the arctic fox, weighing up to double and being up to 70 longer, allowing them to prey on the arctic fox. Separation between these two species generally occurs by the arctic fox moving to higher latitudes where it is better adapted than the red fox 1. Arctic fox hair color is vibrant, long-lasting, semi-permanent hair dye that is made in the usa. When red foxes and arctic foxes go paw to paw, its often the more aggressive, more territorial red foxes that win. In 2015, photographer don gutoskis award-winning photo showing a red fox dragging around a fresh arctic fox carcass put the conflict in the spotlight, but research confirms that red foxes have been killing and eating their smaller, paler relatives for a while now. The red foxes invariably displaced the arctic foxes, with one male red fox having been reported to have killed off all resident arctic foxes on a small island in 1866. Gudmundsson (1945) reports an escaped red fox vixen whelping a litter in iceland with a native arctic fox male. Dog-fox hybrids table of contents bibliography online biology dictionary by the same author handbook of avian hybrids of the world, oxford university press (2006). The arctic fox is also attracted to roads, but the red fox is bigger and dominates in the competition between the species. There are also examples of red foxes that have killed arctic foxes. Increased access to food enables the red fox to establish itself in the high alpine zone. After a gestation period of seven or eight weeks, the female (vixen) gives birth to 110 or more (5 is average) young (kits, cubs, or pups). Birth takes place in a den, which is commonly a burrow abandoned by another animal. The cubs remain in the den for about five weeks and are cared for by both parents throughout the summer. The arctic fox was not at the den but when it returned it did so hesitantly, stopping 50m away and barking when it saw the red fox. Although the red fox looked in poor condition, it was clearly the dominant one during this encounter. After these initial defensive barks, the arctic fox withdrew from the competition and did not return to the den.

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