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Anal glands are located on either side of the anus and normally produce secretions that are pushed when feces is evacuated from the rectum. An anal sac tumor is a tumor of made up of cells originating from the glands of the anal sac. These tumors can spread and therefore staging is recommended prior to surgery. To diagnose these tumors, a fine needle aspirate can be placed from the outside and. The most common presenting complaints for animals with anal sac tumors are licking the hind end, scooting along the ground, or straining to defecate. Some owners may notice a mass under the tail, and some dogs may produce flat, ribbon-like stools. Occasionally, an anal sac mass may be detected during a routine physical examination. Anal sac adenocarcinoma is an uncommon condition affecting older dogs that can cause tumors to grow on the anal sacs. Anal gland problems, especially impaction and abscesses, are common in pets. Unfortunately, our furry friends can also develop cancer of the anal glands too. In this weeks post i share important information about anal gland tumors in dogs, so i hope you find it helpful. The best treatment for anal sac tumors is surgery, however by the time the tumor is removed, the tumor cells have already spread to other tissues. The surgery involves, removing the anal sac tumor and the lymph nodes from the abdominal cavity affected by the tumor. Unfortunately, due to the invasive nature of anal sac tumors, surgery and. Fna of anal sac mass may differentiate perianal tumors from other tumor types but will rarely differentiate benign from malignant perianal tumors (benign anal sac tumors are very rare) caudal abdominal radiographs or, preferably, ultrasound, ct, or mri to assess sublumbar lymph node size. What are anal sac tumours? The anal sacs are two small glands that sit either side of the anus (back passage) under the tail. They produce a strong-smelling secretion which is emptied onto the faeces (stools). Tumours (growths) may develop from the lining cells of these glands. These tumours are relatively uncommon in dogs, representing approximately 2 of all skin tumours, and they are very.

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