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  monster monday - abyssal chicken (5e) description abyssal chickens are carnivorous, temperamental, tasty bottom-feeders native to the abyss. Yaghra larvae are created from a species of crustacean-like bottom feeders. Larvae serve as workers, peons and minions, and are low in the yaghra social hierarchy. At the bottom of the ocean, it is constantly raining detritus. Bits of dead fish and the remains of microscopic organisms all move to the sea floor. Single-celled organisms like protozoa, fungi, and bacteria consume all this detritus. Thus, they form the base of the food chain for the bottom feeders, like the crabs and snails, and tunicates. The bathyal and abyssal environments represent an extent benthic habitat. The deep-sea floor is a dynamic setting affected by fluctuations of organic-matter deposition, sedimentation rate (regulating burial of organic matter), bottom-water oxygenation, etc. Cylindroleberidoids are filter-feeders, while many sarsielloids are voracious. Many of the abyssal plain organisms obtain their food from sinking particles (organic matter from dead organisms falling from the water column above), or by eating detritus feeders. Species found tend to have low growth, reproduction, and recolonization rates ( smith, 2006 ), and therefore would likely be extremely slow to recover from.   map of the abyssal seafloor, namely bottom depths of 30006000 m (light blue). Depths greater than 3000 m are dark blue, depths of 03000 m are gray and landmasses are black or off-white. Nyogoth these hungry, abyssal bottom feeders heed the calls of spellcasters, but typically only to find new things to eat in far-off places. Though not stupid, nyogoths are hard to reason with, and only respond when offered new and interesting things to eat.   the abyssal seafloor, that is, ocean depths of 3,000 to 6,000 m, is widely considered simply to be vast, featureless plains of sediment. For example, wikipedia asserts that abyssal plains cover more than 50 of the earths surface and are among the flattest, smoothest, and least explored regions on earth (1). Featureless tracts of mud make intuitive sense since abyssal plains.

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